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Hunter for digital content and consulting
Hunter is a leading company specialized in providing consulting services, training and digital content, and it operates under license from the Egyptian Investment Authority

It also has a set of characteristics that distinguish it:

* Experience spanning more than 15 years in the Arab and international financial markets.

* A group of advisors with international scientific and practical experiences.

It is managed by a group of experts and its board includes men and businesswomen who have held prominent positions in the private sector and have distinguished consulting experience.

* A select and distinct customer base that has long-term relationships based on professionalism and mutual trust

* Flexibility and broad horizon to keep abreast of local and international changes in doing business and communicating with clients.

* Commitment to the customer

 We are committed to creating long-term relationships and aim to be a success partner for our customers and we care to provide the best and most appropriate solutions.

* Provide more than we promise

 We offer added value to our customers and we care about every detail, from collecting accurate information to thorough studies, finding the legal form and the appropriate procedure to make the necessary adjustments in order to reach the best.

Company strategy:

Al-Sayyad Consulting strategy depends on

Providing solutions that exceed customer expectations.

Work with a technical team with qualifications and practical experience at the highest level.

Innovation in providing new and innovative services and outputs to our customers and studying opportunities and serious projects that bring them more successes.

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